Burton UV Woods Light Magnifier

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The Burton Woods Light is excellent for fitting contact lenses. It's Two Ultraviolet (UV) lights illuminate fluorescein under 2.25x magnification allowing great visualization of fit. The Burton hand-light also works to activate UV glue under magnification, a useful feature for example, in the assembly of precision optics. Easily identify and test photochromic lenses such as Transitions, side by side with a new sample, a self-explanatory sales tool.

Click to enlarge Phoroptor VRx Profile The Woods Lamp Magnifier has a multitude of practical applications for the ophthalmic technician / contact lens fitter. Switch to the white lights for observation of post-operative healing or easily detect foreign bodies, abrasions, lacerations and ulcerations.

The Burton Hand-Light Magnifier features a 5 diopter optically ground glass lens with 2.25x magnification with focal length of 8" (20 cm). The OS-9313 employs a 4 bulb light source: two fluorescent white bulbs, and two fluorescent Ultraviolet bulbs (black light appearance). The UVA is emitted at approximately 365nm wavelength. 5-year limited factory warranty.
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