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The Ezer ERK-9200 takes the convenience of a combined auto refractor keratometer and makes it even more user friendly. Scan, measure and determine the refraction and keratometry values automatically without having to manually align the eye. A pivoting touch screen allows for flexibility while positioning and testing patients. An all-in-one touch screen provides an orderly workspace with easy menu navigation.

With the use of Bluetooth interface, enjoy the flexibility of remote connectivity with the entire Ezer Digital Practice line. Ezer digital refraction systems make it possible to perform a full digital vision exam, from pretest to a complete and comprehensive subjective refraction. Ezer’s state-of-the-art ERK-9200 is the premium choice for optometric and ophthalmic pretesting. Clean lines and a modern design make this contemporary Autorefractor Keratometer both visually appealing and office friendly. The Ezer ERK-9200 is the best choice for any ophthalmologist practice!

Auto Refractor/Keratometer

The ERK-9200 combines all of the necessary visual pre-testing functions in one smartly designed instrument. Operators can perform refractometry and keratometry alone or simultaneously. The ERK-9200 is used to determine the initial, objective refractive values for a patient's eyes in the workflow of refraction and to determine the optical prescriptions for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

3D Auto Alignment Function

Using 3D Auto Alignment technology, the machine automatically finds and tracks the eye to record the most accurate readings. Without assistance, the machine precisely focuses to scan one eye after the other at the perfect height and distance away from the patient via a high resolution internal scanner. Users who wish to manually operate the modality can do so with a with the use of the Job Dial.

Specialty Testing for Individualized Care

Craft the exam testing specific to your patient with multiple settings. REF Mode auto refracts each eye without further measurements and KER Mode provides K readings alone for corneal curvature. To save time, the R/K setting lets the user test both for refractive error and keratometery simultaneously. For contact lens wearers, CLBC Mode is used to determine the proper base curve and diameter required for their proper fit. Wide dioptric mode grants specialized readings for hyperbolic patients as high as +22.00D to myopic patients as low as -25.00D.

Retroillumination Mode

You can check abnormal crystalline lenses, cataracts and scratches of corneas helping you to see how healthy the customer’s eyes are. With enforced REF power, you can check SPH, CYL, and Axis that could not be measured in a normal mode.

Unsurpassed Metrics for Contact Lens Fitting

Peripheral keratometry measures at both horizontal and vertical meridians from the center of the cornea to record the curvature and eccentricity value at all points. The ERK 9200 is equipped with a CLBC Mode to determine the proper base curve and diameter required for proper contact lens fit.

Improved Touch Screen for Maneuverability

An improved touch 8" color screen makes auto refracting easier than ever. The LCD screen pivots and swivels 270° to better serve the tester, from assisting patient positioning to placement of the machine into a corner of a room. Touch screen capabilities lets users seamlessly navigate through the test and results in one place.

Accuracy at Your Fingertips

An improved system displays adjustment settings on a single screen. Adjust the chinrest, focus and scan with a tap of a screen. A control panel makes for easy exam customization and measurement acquisition. Align, test and print without leaving you seat. The temperature compensation system provides accurate adjusted metrics by automatically compensating for variances in degrees.

One-Touch Scanning and Seamless Integration

Automatically scan each eye with the single button. Through the touch screen, the tester can use the Auto Shooting operation to find, focus and scan both eyes.

Motorized Chin Rest

Just by pressing the Up & Down buttons, users can set the height of the measuring point comfortably and quickly. Adjust the chinrest, focus and scan with a tap of a screen.

Everything Your Office Needs

The ERK-9200 base comes complete with a 240V cord, unit dust cover and an attachable model eye. The model eye can be used repeatedly for training purposes until users are completely familiar with the system and its various functions. Embedded printer allow print a measurement data without noise. The printer cover can be opened and closed by pushing a button, making it easy to replace a paper. Also, it cuts paper automatically after printing.

Superior Technology for Superb Charting

Combined measurements of refractive error and corneal curvature save time for patients and the office alike. The ERK-9200 is compatible with multiple networks and is Bluetooth friendly. Software from the system efficiently transmits to digital phoropters, visual acuity charts and computer programs within the product family.

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