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Ezer ERK-9100 Autorefractor Keratometer Aberrometer is fast, precise, durable, and affordable.

The Ezer ERK-9100 is a powerful, accurate diagnostic tool, providing physicians with quick and reliable data. The flexible and intuitive operational mode of this fully featured equipment allows ophthalmologists to conduct exams more quickly, and gather plenty of precise information about patient’s eyes conditions. Because this unit combines the functionality of an automatic refractometer, a keratometer, and an aberrometer in one easy-to-use equipment, the Ezer ERK-9100 measures perfectly the corneal curvature, refractive errors, and higher visual aberrations until the third-order. This makes it the best option for eye doctors who need precise data in order to issue prescriptions for contact lenses, eyeglasses, and to diagnose eye conditions. Easy to use, affordable, and more accurate than just about any other autorefractor keratometer aberrometer on the market, the Ezer ERK-9100 is the best choice for any ophthalmologist practice!

Three-In-One Autorefractor / Keratometer / Aberrometer

The advanced design of the ERK-9100 combines refractometry, keratometry and aberrometry into a single product. Users can choose to perform either measurement separately or simultaneously, providing ophthalmologists with a convenient, affordable three-in-one solution.

In addition, the incredible accuracy and advanced features of the ERK-9100 allow doctors to collect advanced data about the eyes of patients more quickly, and provide a better quality of care.

Comfortable Design, Convenient Features

The design of the ERK-9100 has been built with the comfort of both the patient and user in mind. A comfortable, fully adjustable chin rest provides patients with comfort, even during extended sessions, and an easily swappable chin paper receptacle ensures that the device remains clean, even after multiple uses.

Zernike Topographic Map Support

The ERK-9100 wavefront technology accurately measures and maps the imperfections of the eye. These imperfections are divided into lower-order aberrations, such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, and higher-order aberrations that affect night vision. The Hartmann-Shack sensor projects waves of light into the patient’s eye and maps the waves that bounce back through the pupil detecting lower and higher-order aberrations. The data collected is precisely processed and then rendered as a Zernike Map.

For doctors, the ergonomic joystick, highly customizable user interface, and intuitive operation of the ERK-9100 provides them with the ultimate diagnostic tool, and allows them to operate effectively, even during extended diagnostic sessions.

The ERK-9100 also includes a built-in printer, which allows important measurements and patient information to be printed without a connection to another computer, printer, or network. This allows doctors to quickly and easily get valuable patient data to other eye care professionals, providing faster turnaround times, and reducing patient inconvenience.

Wide Dioptric Measurement Range

The advanced ERK-9100 has one of the widest measurement ranges of any product on the market, and can accurately diagnose patients with dioptric measurements ranging from -30D to +25D. The flexibility of the ERK-9100 makes it a perfect tool for any doctor who regularly sees patients with extreme eye conditions.

Auto-Shooting Functionality

The Ezer ERK-9100 also provide auto-shooting functionality, which allows for the automatic capture of images when the eye is in-focus and stable. This allows physicians to concentrate on accurate measurements – instead of manually capturing images.

Retro-illum Measurement Mode

The Retro-Illumination (RETRO-Illum) measurement mode helps the doctor observe corneal damages and perform perfect measurements in patients with the condition of ocular opacity, such as cataract or vitreous opacity.

Intraocular Lens (IOL) Measurement Mode

The Ezer ERK-9100 allows accurate measurements even in cases that the light is reflected back to sensors due to the presence of an intraocular lens (IOL) or implant.

PD (Pupillary Distance) Measurement

The pupillary distance (PD) is automatically measured for great convenience saving precious time for the doctor and patient.

CLBC (Base Curvature)

Using the contact lens holder, you can measure the base curvature of contact lens.

6.5" Color TFT LCD

The 6.5" Color TFT LCD displays clear images and the image processing chip allows the LCD to show real time images.

One-Touch Lock

With the convenient one-touch lock, the main body can easily be fixed to the base.

Easy Integration With Other Devices

The Ezer ERK-9100 has been built specifically to link quickly and easily with computers and other networked Ezer devices, including Ezer chart projectors and digital refractors, among others. The ERK-9100 can also be easily connected to an external monitor using the built-in VGA monitor connector.

Straightforward Adjustment

The Ezer ERK-9100 is fully adjustable, and provides ophthalmologists also with plenty of manual adjustment options. Using a series of operational levers, the height, left/right position, focus, and position of the ERK-9100 can be adjusted quickly and intuitively.

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