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In this day and age, eye diseases and ophthalmological disorders are on the rise. With the Luxvision LRK-7800 auto refractor/keratometer, your office can be ready to provide accurate, precise measurements that allow for maximum patient comfort. The LRK-7800 is designed to help with more precise measurement of refractive power.

Professionals also admire LRK-7800’s commitment to its fundamental foundation as a quality Auto Ref/ Keratometer, now featuring Smart Assembly Moving Control Technology, and high-performance light source.

Smart Assembly Moving Control Technology

With a fast, accurate measuring speed, the sophisticated rotary prism is both intelligent and elegant in its design. Smart enough to take refractive errors into consideration, this unique device projects a measurement ring onto the retina in order to get a precise measurement. Using its Smart Assembly Movement capability, it automatically adjusts to provide maximum signal output stability, ensuring clear and comprehensive measurements.

Optical System

The LRK-7800 is designed for maximum clarity. Unwanted reflections and glare can hinder the measurement process, and patient conditions like cataracts or other visual disorders which can affect the readings are taken into account as measurements are determined, creating a more streamlined, efficient optical system that delivers practical, actionable data.

Specialized Testing. Individualized Results.

Attune each examination to the specific needs of your patient thanks to multiple settings and configurations. The built-in REF mode automatically refracts both eyes without the need for additional measurements while the KER mode quickly provides K readings individually to test for corneal curvature. The time-saving R/K mode allows the physician or specialist to test for both refractive issues and keratometry at the same time, maximizing each patient visit while obtaining optimum results each and every time.

Retro-Illumination Mode

Thanks to the LRK-7800’s innovative backlight mode, physicians can now check the full spectrum of eye health, including unusual crystalline lens changes, cataracts and corneal scratches that may be undetectable with inferior tools. Using the yellow filter provides an accurate fit for contact lenses, and the overall view allows the specialist to independently judge eye health condition with spectacular illumination and clarity.

Immediate Color View

The built-in full-color CCD camera and LED white light source, physicians can now see each patient’s eyes more clearly and fully. Check the fit of contact lenses easily and effectively without the need for slit lamps. With the BLUE LED function, physicians can see the degree of corneal adjustment and contact lenses using the combination of blue LED and fluorescein solution. Use the White LED function to view the full-color image, allowing for a better, more comfortable contact lens fit for patients.

Pupil Diameter and Distance Measurement The built-in SIZE mode allows physicians to gauge pupil dilation and diameter, with the minimum available value at 2mm. Pupil distance can also me automatically measured in both eyes, saving time and effort.

In addition, specialists can also measure the vertical distance through the DV selection function, which allows for 0, 12, 13.75 and 15mm selections, providing greater data accuracy while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

CLBS (Contact Lens Base Curvature)

Physicians will find it very useful in clinical practice to have the ability to measure the base curvature of contact lenses, providing a more adaptive fit for their patients.

Focusing Mode

Specialists can instantly see when the eye is in an optimum position thanks to the focus indicator. This, in turn, makes the exam less stressful for the patient and paves the way for an experience that’s fast, efficient and pleasant.

Automatic Tracking

The smart automatic tracking of the LRK-7800 follows the patient’s eye without the need for intervention from the physician. If, however, manual adjustment is needed, it can easily be adjusted via the simple joystick by moving it back and forth without needing to turn the device.

Large 7-inch Color Display with Touch Functionality

Now, physicians can enjoy greater accuracy and ease of use thanks to the large, 7-inch TFT LCD color screen. Vivid, high-quality color images with real-time processing provides an interface that’s as convenient and easy to use as a smartphone. Available enlargeable optical magnification helps to measure the patient’s eye with greater magnification and see every detail sharply and crisply.

High Speed Printer

The built-in high-speed printer from the LRK-7800 autorefractor keratometer prints up to 10 measurement results quickly and silently. Changing paper is easy, ensuring virtually no downtime as measurements print efficiently right from within the device.

One-Touch Lock Maximizes Comfort

Provide extra security and stability while handling the equipment with a comfortable upper-motion stage lock. With one touch the upper section can be locked into place which adds durability and stability to each examination.

Chin Rest Manipulation

Manually adjust the chin rest with a distance range of 60 mm (each adjustment raises or lowers the chin rest about 5mm).

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