Auto Refractor / Keratometer

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The Ezer ERK-5400 A is an essential piece of equipment for any eye care practice. This combination auto refractor keratometer measures refractive errors, K readings, pupillary distance and more. An internal printer providers a portable copy of the measurements for convenience and record keeping.

The Autorefractor ERK-5400 A is perfect for organizations of any size, from private practices to hospital ophthalmology departments. Utilization of the machine's key features can save valuable time during virtually any office encounter. Ezer digital practice platforms make it possible to perform a full digital vision exam, from pretest to Rx. Sophisticated hospital-grade technology priced competitively for private practices.

Auto Refractor/Keratometer

The ERK-5400 A makes measurement a snap when determining the refractive and keratometric properties of the human eye. This high-tech instrument reports the patient's assessed eye power in one step by combining the auto-refractor / keratometer functions in a single mode. In addition, the incredible accuracy and advanced features of the ERK-5400 A allow doctors to collect advanced data about the eyes of patients more quickly, and provide a better quality of care.

Specialty Testing for Individualized Care

Testing can be crafted specifically to your each patient by utilizing a variety of settings. Auto-refract each eye with the REF Mode or record K readings, corneal curvature using KER Mode or combine refractometry and keratometry measurements via the R/K setting. The CLBC Mode is used to determine the proper base curve and diameter required for their proper fit for contact lens usage and fittings while the Wide Dioptric Mode grants specialized readings for dioptric powers as high as +22.00D or as low as -25.00D.

Comfort and Easy Operation

Mechanically, the main body moves smoothly right to left and forward to backward by an improved design for a base sliding structure. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, the Ezer 5400 is constructed with stability and safety in mind. The ergonomic joystick, highly customizable user interface, and intuitive operation of the ERK-5400 A provides them with the ultimate diagnostic tool, and allows them to operate effectively, even during extended diagnostic sessions.

Quality Craftsmanship in a One-Touch Scan System

Once the eye is focused, by pressing the joystick button or using the Auto Shooting operation, you can obtain the result of refraction. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, the Ezer-5400 A is constructed with unmatched usability, stability and safety in mind.

Precise Measurement for Quality Examination

Save time by determining a baseline for refractive error while simultaneously measuring corneal curvature and pupillary distance. For patient specific testing, refractometry and keratometry can be performed together or broken down into separate scans. Developed illumination functions to observe the corneal surface for both cataract and contact lens patients. For a more accurate result, the machine factors in and displays the vertex distance between the patient and the measurement window.

Patient Comfort with a Twist

Adjust the height of the chin rest with turn of a knob with a user-friendly, ergonomic joystick. Display mires guide the user for proper eye positioning to better assess the patient’s vision. An external marking on the machine guides the tester to the correct chin rest height while the system interface clearly details the external eye for correct alignment. Smoothly glide the modality from side to side, forward and back with an improved sliding base design.

Supreme Usability at the Touch of a Screen

Equipped with a 7" colored LCD screen with touch-screen capabilities, the ERK 5400 A simplifies refractive error measurement acquisition. Toggle from screen to screen via user friendly menus to view previously recorded scans and histograms. With the tap of the screen, easily measure, print and delete patient readings.

Embedded Printer

A built-in printer allows the user to make a paper copy of the individual readings and averages for clinician use and patient charting.

Network Capability

The ERK 5400 A is designed to connect with a digital phoropters for additional accessibility. Implementation of the complete product suite allows users to perform a fully digital vision exam comfortably and efficiently, saving valuable office time and money. Perform testing knowing that you have the most reliable and accurate information for your patient where you need it when you need it.

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