Applanation Tonometer Model R

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Luxvision TN-150B Applanation Tonometer employs the most accurate clinical method for measuring the IOP.

The Luxvision TN-150B offers the utmost in flexibility and reliability. This Goldmann applanation tonometer can be used with either R Type or T type mounts. Whether you’re looking for a fixed unit or one you can take with you from room to room, the TN-150B can deliver. Widely acclaimed as the most common and direct method of assessing IOP, Goldmann applanation principle tonometers such as the TN-150B provide fast and efficient measurements.

The Gold Standard

Goldmann applanation tonometry is the most commonly used tonometer in clinical practice and remains the “gold standard” for tonometry worldwide. It was developed in the 1950s and is based on the Imbert-Fick law that states that the pressure in a sphere filled with fluid and surrounded by an infinitely thin and flexible membrane is measured by the counter-pressure, which just flattens the membrane to a plane.

Mounting Flexibility

The Luxvision TN-150B is a versatile unit that can adjust to your practice’s growing and changing needs. This high quality tonometer can offers precise measurements in either a fixed state (R) mount or a take away guide plate (T) mount.


A notch position ensures exact centering of the prism with the left objective. When using the guide-plate, two positions are possible and users can observe through either the left or right eyepiece.

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