BOULDER, Colo.—Treehouse Eyes, the country’s first and only company dedicated exclusively to myopia management, has announced the opening of six new centers. In collaboration with select practices, Treehouse Eyes is bringing their proprietary and proven brand of myopia management directly into select primary care practices across the country. Dr. Gary Gerber, co-founder of Treehouse Eyes said, “We’ve licensed 19 locations with in the last year after opening our first two flagship centers four years ago. That was of course way before the “new normal” of COVID-19. It’s been incredibly gratifying that even with all the changes COVID has brought to our industry, demand for our proprietary brand of myopia management is stronger than ever. This is because parents are more aware that reduced time outdoors and increased screen time isn’t beneficial for their kids and doctors are getting more questions about what can be done for increasing myopia. Our latest group of six [optometry] practices once again represents our unwavering commitment to deliver the highest quality, exemplary myopia care to patients and a memorable experience for their families"

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