GOC encourages Education Strategic Review responses


GOC encourages Education Strategic Review response

GOC encourages Education Strategic Review responses

The GOC has encouraged stakeholders to respond to its Education Strategic Review consultation by February 25.

The consultation will include new draft standards for education providers and learning outcomes for students, which take into account a greater need to focus on clinical training, leadership and increased multi-disciplinary work.

Dr Subo Shanmuganathan, GOC interim director of education also responded to some of the responses it has already received as part of the consultation, in particular, concerns from the Association of British Dispensing Opticians over potential revisions to qualification levels.

'We understand that there is some concern about the potential impact of our proposals on the status of current qualifications. In particular, it is important to understand when responding that the current baseline qualification level for an ophthalmic dispensing qualification is level 5 and we are not proposing any change to this minimum requirement.

'What we want to do is give providers the flexibility they need to train registrants for the roles of the future so we look forward to hearing how our registrants’ and other healthcare professionals’ scopes of practice are likely to change.

'We know there is also a strong interest in how students will be assessed in future and we will ensure that patient safety is at the heart of whatever approach we take, with fair and consistent outcomes for all students absolutely vital.

‘We’re determined to make sure that optical education is fit for the future and supports and enables the multi-skilled workforce essential to meet patient needs.'

The consultation is available to view and respond to on the GOC’s Consultation Hub now.