CooperVision Biofinity Multifocal 6pk

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Biofinity multifocal is a premium lens with a simplified approach to fitting your presbyopic patients. This lens combines key elements from the Biofinity silicone hydrogel lens material and our Balanced Progressive Technology. This advanced design contains multiple zones of vision correction in both lenses, allowing for clear vision up close, at middle distances, and far away. The streamlined fitting approach and unique technology means you can fit even more patients with ease and flexibility, while giving them excellent vision.

  • Low modulus and high Dk
  • Focus close up, far away and in-between
  • Lenses stay moist and comfortable
  • Naturally wettable so you're less likely to need additional wetting drops
MaterialPackagingWater ContentWearing ScheduleTrial Available
comfilcon A6 Pk48%Daily wear + up to 6 nights extended wearYes
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